Other Zebra Finches​

  • Normal Grey                             $10 each
  • Black Cheek                              $20 each
  • Black Breasted                          $20 each
  • Black Face                                 $20 each
  • Yellow Beak Zebra                    $30 each
  • All Other Zebras                  $10-20 each

Eumo Zebra Finches

  • Eumo Zebra Finches            $60 each
  • Black Cheek Eumo               $80 each
  • Split Eumo Normal               $40 each

Eumo Zebra Finches are a European mutation that have a striking dark charcoal grey body color with and almost completely black underbelly.  Eumo zebras have an unusual primary flight feather mutation and because of that they are not normally recommended for large walk in flights however I have kept mine in a 9ft long by 7ft high flight with no issues.  For further information on Eumo Zebra Finches CLICK HERE.