4LB $10 +shipping

Do you notice your finches just don't eat certain types of seeds that are in whatever types of mixes you have tried.  After years of going through the same issue and throwing money in the garbage for seeds our finches just did not prefer we decided to research exactly what seeds our birds wanted.  After months of testing with individual seed types we developed this exclusive finch blend like no other we've seen on the market.  Although developed specifically for our Gouldian Flock we found that all of our finches prefer it over the commercial feeds we were using.  In partnership with Paradise Pet Products and AZ Birds we are now able to offer our exclusive food blend pre packaged in multiple sizes.  We are so confident your finches or canaries will like this mix better we'll send you a one time free sample (approx 1/2Lb), you just pay the USPS shipping cost.

8LB $16


40LB $60



20LB $30